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    Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack !

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    Vui vẻ Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack !

    Post by zLp™ on Sat 8 May 2010 - 20:12

    Lướt web thấy cái này hay nên post cho ae, không hỏi-đáp nhé
    Dành cho những ai dùng HĐH XP nhưng thích giao diện 7

    UPDATE: If you want to download all BITMAPs, AVIs and
    other files mentioned in this tutorial in a single pack, you can
    download it using this

    PS: Please create a Restore point using "System
    <blockquote> Restore" before applying anything mentioned in this tutorial
    so that you can restore your system back to default if you don't like
    the changes.
    NOTE: If you are facing problems while
    <blockquote>saving a file after editing in resource hacker, then make sure you have
    disabled WFP (Windows File Protection) service using "WFP
    " or use "Replacer" to replace the
    file. Both utilities can be found in our "Download"
    Also if you are getting error "Can't create file...",
    that means you have edited and saved the same file in past and there is
    a backup file which need to be deleted before saving this file again.
    Go to the folder containing this file and you'll see a similar file
    having "_original" in its name. Delete it and
    try to save the file in resource hacker.
    Windows 7
    provides lots of new features along with a
    newly designed interface. It looks very similar to Windows Vista but
    there are many GUI changes like redesigned taskbar, Explorer, new boot
    screen and login screen, etc.
    If you are still using Windows XP but want to enjoy the new Windows 7
    look, then this tutorial will definitely help you.
    After following this tutorial, you'll get the same Windows 7 look in
    your Windows XP. Following is a list of things which are going to change
    after following this tutorial:

    • Windows Theme or Visual Style
    • Icons
    • Boot Screen
    • Login Screen or Welcome Screen
    • Cursors
    • Taskbar
    • Wallpaper
    • Progress Dialog Box
    • Shutdown / Log off Dialog Box
    • About Windows Box
    • System Properties Dialog Box
    • Volume Control Window
    • Extras like "Aero Shake", "Aero
      ", "Aero Peek", "Calculator"
      and "Paint"
    • A Few Other Mods...

    So here we start our transformation tour:

    1. Windows Theme or Visual Style:

    Windows 7 provides a new refreshing look which includes redesigned
    taskbar and start menu, Windows Explorer and a few other small changes.
    You can get the same look in Windows XP by using following theme:

    SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP

    If you want a Black version, then you can get it
    using following link:

    SevenVG Black RTM Theme for Windows XP

    If you don't like the new Windows 7 Superbar, then you can download
    Normal Taskbar versions of these themes as well:
    SevenVG RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar for Windows XP

    SevenVG Black RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar for Windows XP

    You can also use an excellent WindowBlinds skin created by "fediaFedia".
    It requires Stardock WindowBlinds to be installed in your system.
    Windows 7 WindowBlinds Skin for Windows XP

    2. Icons:
    You can get Windows 7 icons in XP using "SevenVG Icon Pack":

    Download SevenVG Icon Pack for IconTweaker
    Download SevenVG Icon Pack for Icon Packager

    3. Boot Screen:

    Windows 7 contains a new animated boot screen which shows animated
    items/balls that come together to form Windows logo.
    You can get a similar boot screen in Windows XP:

    New Windows 7 Beta Boot Screen for Windows XP

    4. Login Screen or Welcome Screen:

    Windows 7 login screen looks similar to Vista login screen except the
    new background image and the text displayed at bottom.

    Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows XP

    5. Cursors:

    Windows 7 cursors are also similar to Vista which you can download
    using following link:
    Download Vista Cursors (Thanks

    6. Taskbar:

    Windows 7 taskbar has been highly redesigned. It doesn't show opened
    program's name in their taskbar buttons, instead it only shows their
    icons. Also the taskbar buttons are a bit large in their size.

    You can get the same Superbar in Windows XP using ViGlance:
    Get Windows 7 Look-Like Superbar in Windows XP

    Windows 7 taskbar also allows you to move taskbar buttons to change
    their positions, you can get the same feature in Windows XP by using
    "Taskbar Shuffle" utility:
    Shuffle: Move Taskbar and System Tray Buttons in Windows

    And if you want to get the small "Show Desktop"
    rectangle at the end of Taskbar just like Windows 7, please visit
    following topic:

    Windows 7 “Show Desktop” Taskbar Icon in Windows XP & Vista

    7. Wallpaper:

    You can get Windows 7 Desktop wallpaper using following link:

    Download Wallpaper (TheVista.Ru)
    Download Wallpaper (Neowin)

    8. Progress Dialog Box:

    Windows 7 progress dialog box is similar to Windows Vista. We can
    make our XP dialog box look like it by using Resource Hacker.

    Open "%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll" file in
    Resource Hacker and go to:
    Dialog -> 1020 -> 1033
    Now replace the existing code in right-side pane with the code
    present in following file:
    Click on Compile Script button.
    You'll also have to replace existing AVIs in the file with new ones.
    Download following Zip file and extract it:
    Download AVIs
    After extracting the Zip file you'll get 3 AVI files. Replace
    existing AVIs in shell32.dll file with these new ones in following
    AVI -> 160 ->1033 with 160.avi
    AVI -> 161 ->1033with

    AVI -> 162 ->1033with

    AVI -> 163 ->1033with

    AVI -> 164 ->1033with

    And also download a BMP file from here:
    Download BMP
    After extracting the BMP file from it, add it at 404
    location in file. Just click on Action -> Add a new resource
    and then click on Open file with new resource button.
    Select the downloaded BMP file and click on Open. Now in Resource
    enter 404 and in Resource
    enter 1033 and click on Add
    button. That's it.

    9. Shutdown / Log off Dialog Box:

    Windows 7, similar to Vista, doesn't have any shutdown / log off
    dialog box but we can redesign Windows XP default shutdown box to make
    it more refreshing like following screenshot:

    Download required BMP files from here:
    Download Shutdown BMPs
    Extract the file and you'll get 4 BMPs with the name:
    Now open "%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll" file in
    Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs with the mentioned
    BMP files:
    Bitmap -> 14351 -> 1033 with 1.bmp
    Bitmap -> 14353 -> 1033 with 2.bmp
    Bitmap -> 14354 -> 1033 with 1.bmp
    Bitmap -> 14355 -> 1033 with 2.bmp
    Bitmap -> 14356 -> 1033 with 3.bmp
    now save the file and open %windir%\System32\msgina.dll
    file in Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs with the
    mentioned BMP files:
    Bitmap -> 20140 -> 1033 with 1.bmp
    Bitmap -> 20141 -> 1033 with 2.bmp
    Bitmap -> 20142 -> 1033 with 1.bmp
    Bitmap -> 20143 -> 1033 with 2.bmp
    Bitmap -> 20150 -> 1033 with 4.bmp
    Now save the file.

    10. About Windows Box:

    To change the About Windows box you'll need to change 2 things: The
    top logo and the text part.

    Download the required BITMAP file from here:
    Download About Windows BMP
    Open "%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll" file in
    Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs with the downloaded
    BMP file:
    Bitmap -> 131 -> 1033 (For XP Professional)
    Bitmap -> 147 -> 1033 (For XP Home)
    Now open %windir%\System32\msgina.dll file in
    Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs with the downloaded
    BMP file:
    Bitmap -> 101 -> 1033 (For XP Professional)
    Bitmap -> 107 -> 1033 (For XP Professional)
    Bitmap -> 128 -> 1033 (For XP Home)
    Bitmap -> 129 -> 1033 (For XP Home)
    Now to change the text of dialog box, open "%windir%\System32\xpsp1res.dll"
    file in Resource Hacker and then goto:
    Dialog -> 14352 -> 1033
    Now replace the existing code in right-side pane with the code in
    following file:
    About Dialog Box Code
    Click on Compile Script button and save the file.

    11. System Properties Dialog Box:

    To make System Properties dialog box look like Windows 7 one, visit
    following tutorial:

    Windows 7 System Properties Dialog Box in Windows XP

    12. Volume Control Window:

    Windows 7 contains a redesigned Volume Control window which shows
    better details and graphics for device volumes. Now you can get a
    similar window in your XP.

    Windows 7 Volume Control Box in Windows XP

    13. A Few Extras:

    Windows 7 provides 3 new features which are called "Aero
    ", "Aero Snap" and "Aero Peek".
    "Aero Shake" is quite useful. Suppose you have more
    than one windows opened and you want to minimize all other windows
    except the window which you are working on, then you have to simply
    shake the current window with your mouse and all other windows will be
    minimized automatically. Shake it again and all minimized windows will
    be maximized again.
    Using "Aero Snap", you can minimize, maximize,
    resize windows by just dragging-dropping them to the screen corners.
    "Aero Peek" has replaced the old "Show Desktop"
    feature in Windows 7. It can be found as a small rectangle present at
    last in Windows 7 taskbar. When you hover the mouse cursor over it, it
    allows you to peek behind all open windows by hiding all windows and
    showing only outlines of all windows.
    You can get all these features working in XP using following
    Windows 7 “Aero Shake” Feature in Windows XP

    Windows 7 “Aero Snap” Feature in Windows XP

    Windows 7 “Aero Peek” Feature in Windows XP

    Windows 7 also contains a new redesigned Calculator which has new GUI
    and new options.

    You can get the same calculator in Windows XP using following link:
    Windows 7 Like Calculator in Windows XP

    Windows 7 contains re-designed "MSPaint" program
    which provides Ribbons interface. You can get a similar MSPaint program
    in Windows XP:

    Windows 7 Look Like Paint in Windows XP and Vista

    14. A Few Other Mods:

    1. Windows 7
    Desktop context menu is much different than XP one.

    Following are a few things which are new in Windows 7 menu:

    • "View" menu visible in Desktop context menu
    • "Arrange Icons By" renamed to "Sort by"
    • "Properties" renamed to "Personalize"
    • "Auto arrange icons" and "Align
      icons to grid
      " options moved from "Sort by" menu to "View"
    • 2 new options "Screen resolution" and "Gadgets"
      added to the menu

    So above are a few changes which are new in Windows 7 but we can get
    them in XP using following tutorial:
    Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu in Windows XP

    2. Windows 7's Programs menu is similar to Vista
    but very different from XP, you can use following tutorial to make your
    XP Programs menu similar to Windows 7:
    Change Look-n-Feel of Windows XP Start Menu
    3. Windows 7 explorer is quite similar to Vista and
    shows the same small horizontal progress bar under each drive icon for
    the drive space.

    You can also get the same in XP by using a 3rd party utility:
    Download Vista Drive Icon
    Just run the file and it'll add the progress bar under each drive.
    4. To get the Breadcrumbs in
    addressbar you can use "QT Addressbar":

    Addressbar: Windows 7 Addressbar Clone for Windows XP

    5. In Windows 7 whenever you hover your mouse cursor
    over a Desktop icon, it shows a cool transparent rectangle over the
    icon. You can get the same effect in XP using following tool:

    Windows Vista and 7’s Desktop Icon Mouse Hover Effect in Windows XP

    6. In Windows 7 when you press Alt-Tab to switch
    between opened applications, a glassy switcher screen is displayed which
    shows thumbnails of all running applications. You can get similar
    feature in Windows XP using following tool:

    The Best FREE Windows Alt-Tab Feature Replacement

    That's all for now. After following all the above mentioned steps,
    you'll get Windows 7 look-n-feel in Windows XP.

    NOTE: If you have any problem with
    <blockquote>Resource Hacker and want to know about it, then please go through
    following tutorials:
    All About Resource Hacker in a Brief Tutorial
    List of Files to be hacked using Resource Hacker
    List of a few Locations in Windows XP System Files to
    be Hacked using Resource Hacker

    </blockquote>PS: If you are a Windows Vista user and want to
    transform your Vista into 7, then following link will help you:
    Windows Vista into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack

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