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    [MAP] Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b

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    Yêu thích [MAP] Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b

    Post by zLp™ on Mon 7 Dec 2009 - 15:07

    Thông tin:

    Uploaded: 17:55, 3rd Jan 2009
    Last Updated: 17:25, 12th Nov 2009
    Type: Role Playing Game / RPG
    Category: Medieval / Warcraft
    Map Size: 192x128
    Playable Map Size: 180x116
    Suggested Players: Up to 6 Players
    Tileset: Icecrown

    Chi tiết:

    This map has been based on the Diablo III Gameplay Video. You may even
    recognise a few of the in-game events if you've seen it! Please
    remember that this is a beta version, and may still contain bugs.
    Anyone can host this online, just let me know if you find any major
    flaws in the game :)


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    Lớp nhân vật:
    New Classes will be available as Blizzard reveal them :)


    Any comments and criticism you guys have is most welcome :)



    - Xezko
    - levigeorge1617
    - Archian
    - expresso
    - Afronight_76
    - Vestras
    - General Frank
    - Cavman
    - Midnighters
    - FrIkY
    - Misha


    - Mr.Goblin
    - Cycloverid


    - Skrik
    - Mr. Frank (Spire Inc.)

    Other Systems:

    - Paladon

    THIS MAP IS PROTECTED Due to the sheer amount of file-space
    necessary for all our map, we have optimised it to make the overall
    file-size as small as possible. This unfortunately makes the map unable
    to load in the editor. However, I will provide unprotected versions to
    anyone who requests it :) Whether for a mod, or just to learn, we're
    happy to share our stuff ;)

    Diablo III Warcraft v1.19b.w3x (5.4MB)

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