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    Where the story ends ...

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    Xấu Where the story ends ...

    Post by NaSurE on Sun 25 Oct 2009 - 22:33

    I've been wondering where to post this thread, because the forum was recently re-organized so I basically have no clue where that dang section went. After weighing all the alternatives, I decided to post it here, this box was where the story began and will be where it ends, and it's ending rite now.

    There are things that none of us dare deny: memories, friendship, joy ..etc. They were fun, memorable. But, like in the movies, when there are good things, bad things tend to creep into ... In those movies, everything starts nicely, by coincedence. Things start growing up, blooming .. blah blah (juz skip the nice stuff)and then one of those people realizes that the favor he/she has been doing for other people was not extended like he/she expected it to be. He/she starts thinking of the oposite ... And that's exactly when the movie ends ...

    And our movie is ending now (actually, it already ended by the time this thread is posted). Hopefully that the next sesion, with news actors/actresses will be much better then this one. Hope that it will last for many years to come, for many others to participate, and that it will have a better ending. And I strongly believe that it will ...

    You all have my blessing :)

    With respect,

    Hannah Phan

    PS: Juz kinda feel like typing your names down here, in random: Suxx, Ch!ck, Xstyle, *1 Girl, Math, riffle, eclipse, Kra1t, Prodigy, Nobitaz, thanh26 (ah Thanh, you should stop hacking, dude :P Practice makes perfect, not those tools), Zn ... That were all I can remember, sry for those that were not in the list. It's not like I don't know, or don't remember you guys, it's juz that my brain refused to think already ...

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